UPKS Vision

UPKS is recognized as a hub for consulting profession in Serbia. UPKS is a meeting place between consultant and clients, education and development center that contributes to the overall development of the profession. UPKS is a promoter of the good business practice in the development and provision of consulting services and advocate of interests in the consulting profession in Serbia.

UPKS Mission

UPKS promotes best practice and a professional label of management consulting in Serbia through certification, standard development, trainings, exchange and development of professional resources, networking with other organizations and relationship building and through public policy advocacy activities in all sectors in society.

UPKS stands up for the development and promotion of values which are included in the adopted professional code of conduct:
  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Independence
  • Business development and fair play
  • Skills and knowledge building
  • Self-discipline

All members of UPKS recognized professional code of conduct by their memberships in UPKS.  Text of UPKS professional code of conduct you can download from http://www.amcserbia.rs/upks/sr/clanstvo/

UPKS members

UPKS  members are indivuduals and consulting firms  providers of management consulting services to organizations and companies in Serbia. For all information about membership please visit our webpage: http://www.amcserbia.rs/upks/sr/clanstvo/

UPKS Strategic objectives UPKS in accordance with adopted strategy from March 2010.godine
  1. Strategic objectives directed toward UPKS capacity building  (strengthening of UPKS institutional capacities including development of services to its members, development of structures, products and partnerships that will contribute to programmatic and financial sustainability of UPKS)
  2. Strategic objectives directed toward affirmation and development of consulting profession (introduction and development of internationally recognized professional standards and certificates in the field of management consulting, as well as strengthening relationships between UPKS members and their clients)

Full UPKS strategy can be download from:


Summary of Consultancy industry report is available in English (one of the 1st UPKS products)and can be download from: http://www.amcserbia.rs/upks/sr/dokumenti/